Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Review

Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Review

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Most Secure Smart Door Lock

  • Connector.

    The Good Stuff

    Nexia Compatible. Can Program Temporary Codes. Program up to 30 Different Codes.

  • Connector.

    The Not So Good Stuff

    Nexia Access Requires a Monthly Fee. A Little Noisy. No Direct Application.

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The Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt is a grade one certified lock which means it’s highly effective against unwanted guests gaining access to your home. That in and of itself is probably enough to make you consider this lock, but it also has some very high-tech features as well. It has a touchscreen keypad for keyless entry and it allows you to program up to 30 different codes in that pad. If you purchase the Nexia Bridge separately and subscribe to their monthly service you also gain remote access to your lock and you can control who comes and goes.

This is a lock that looks like it’s a quality product and it really is. There are different versions of the lock and you can find it in either a classic look or a more modern contemporary look. Either way you’re getting yourself a great lock which will last for years. You don’t have to have the Nexia system to use this lock, but without it it’s simply a keyless entry keypad with some built in alarm features.


The Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt is a very good lock system with a lot of useful features which we’ve outlined below.

  • Compatible with the Nexia Bridge Home Automation System
  • Z-Wave Ready
  • Allows up to 30 Different Codes
  • You Can Create Temporary Codes That Work for a Finite Period
  • Lock by Pushing the Schlage Button on The Front
  • Built in Alarm Function
  • You Can Customize the Alarm Sensitivity
  • Grade One Certified Lock
  • Choice between Classic and Modern Look
  • Codes Can Be Programmed from the Touchpad
  • You Can Set up Tones for Entry and Exit
  • Fingerprint Resistant Touchscreen


Classic or Modern: There are two different versions of this touchscreen that work exactly the same, but offer a different look. It’s simply a matter of preference – do you prefer a classic sort of old-fashioned look or a more modern contemporary look. Both products retail for the same price and have all the same features. If I had to pick a favorite I would say I like the classic look better, but that’s strictly my opinion.

Grade One Security: What never ceases to amaze me with smart lock technology is how poorly constructed some of them really are. There are a lot of great ideas that have been implemented in devices when it comes to smart lock technology, but it often seems that security itself is an afterthought. This is definitely a strange fact when you consider you’re talking about a lock, but it’s true nonetheless. The Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt puts security right on the front burner where it belongs. This model is a grade one certified lock which means it’s very difficult to break into.

Touchscreen Keypad: To gain entry using this lock you can use a traditional key, but it also has a touchscreen keypad with a blue LED backlight. It’s a nice looking keypad that’s also resistant to smudges and fingerprints. As a nice added little feature whenever you enter a correct part of the code in sequence a green checkmark lights up in the bottom left corner to let you know you’ve got it right.

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One Touch Locking: When you’re leaving your home you don’t have to fumble for your keys to lock the door with this system. On the front of the keypad you’ll see the company’s symbol and if you press the logo it automatically triggers the door lock. It’s a great feature that will allow you to get out of the house quicker and onto your busy day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably not the type of feature that would make you run out and purchase this lock, but it is a nice little add-on just the same.

Nexia Home Automation Compatible: The feature that really takes this product to the next level is the fact that it can be fully integrated with the Nexia Automation System. This system allows you to control entry to your home from anywhere in the world and it also lets you set up temporary codes to allow people one time entry to your home. It really expands the functionality of the lock, but unfortunately it does require a monthly subscription to use. The downside is that the lock doesn’t come with its own application which implies that to control this device, you will need to purchase a smart home hub.

Simple Code Entry: Most keyless entry locks with keypads allow you to pick one code which is quite limiting. This lock allows you to pick up to 30 different codes which means you can have one code for yourself, a code for your kids, and you can even set up temporary codes to allow one time entry into your home for people such as house cleaners or dog walkers. It’s a versatile system the can really provide you with some peace of mind.


Smooth Locking Mechanism: When it comes down to it the main function of the system is to lock or unlock your home – it’s that simple. In that sense it’s an overwhelming success. This Schlage lock really is a smooth operator that engages and disengages the deadbolt with effortless precision. There’s nothing more frustrating than a lock that doesn’t quite line up properly with your latch, but that’s not a concern at all with this lock. Best of all it’s built to last and it comes with a full warranty.

Tamperproof: Some locks are easier than others to break into and smart locks do have a reputation for having questionable security in many cases. With the Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt you’re purchasing yourself a lock that’s extremely difficult to break into. As we’ve mentioned a couple of times this lock is a grade once certified lock which means it’s in the elite category of locks – it doesn’t hurt that it has a built in alarm system that can be set to go off if anybody tries to tamper with your lock. For the most part thieves are looking for easy marks and as soon as they hear that alarm system they’re going to get off your property in a hurry.

A Little Noisy: The one minor concern I have with this lock system is that it is a little noisy when the automatic locking system engages or disengages. You can clearly hear the motor churning as the lock moves. At worse though it’s just a little distracting and I think most people would be willing to put up with a little minor noise as long as they were secure in the knowledge that their home is safe from burglars.

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The Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt has to be one of the best smart lock systems on the market today. Here are some videos that highlight its best features.

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Additional Products/Accessories:

  • This lock is fully compatible with the Nexia Home Automation System using Z-Wave technology

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