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Best Wireless Intercom System

  • Connector.

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    Compatible with Handheld Radio Devices. 10 Channels. Group Call and Lock Buttons.

  • Connector.

    The Not So Good Stuff

    Bulky Appearance. Sometimes Prone to Static.

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SAMCOM DIGITAL FM WIRELESS INTERCOM SYSTEM REVIEWThere are a lot of wireless intercom products available today, but very few of them are designed to be compatible with other two-way communication services. The Samcom 10-Channel Digital FM Wireless Intercom System for Home and Office is and it gives the system a major advantage. This is a system that would be a great fit for any home, but is also great for use in a business or work site as well. You can use it in conjunction with portable two-way radios that you carry with you. For example, on a large jobsite you could have one of the base units in a trailer and use it to easily communicate with workers on the other end of the site – it’s extremely versatile.

While it will also do a pretty good job in any home it’s not the best looking device so if you don’t want something that’s going to clash with the look of your home then you might not be impressed with the system. It’s somewhat bulky looking and it doesn’t come in a range of colors so you’re stuck with the standard black model. It’s also known to have a little static at times, although this is more noticeable when you’re communicating between the Samcom system and other mobile two-way radios.


  • Easy Access Talk Button
  • 1000 foot range
  • Compatible with Two-Way Radios
  • Station Labels for Identification
  • 10 Channel Digital FM Signal
  • Comes with 6 Stations
  • Group Conversations
  • Private Conversations
  • Lock and Talk
  • Intercom Can Be Wall Mounted
  • Mobile Powerpack Is Available
  • USB Cable Included


Basic and Functional: The design and look of the Samcom Digital FM Wireless Intercom System won’t blow you away – having said that it is a very intuitive system with simple buttons located on the bottom of the unit including lock, talk, and group. These are the three main features of the system and they do make it quite a versatile little unit for both home and office.

Simple Black Color:If you had to describe the Samcom Digital FM Wireless Intercom system in one word I think I would have to choose the word practical. Along with a basic and functional design as we’ve already mentioned it comes in a simple Black color which would look right at home in the office and for the most part it wouldn’t look out of place in your house either. It’s certainly not an Apple product with multiple different colors to choose from, but I would hazard a guess that most people looking to purchase a versatile product like this that works in conjunction with two-way radio systems won’t be too concerned about that.

A Little Bulky for the Home: The Samcom Digital FM Wireless Intercom system is designed to be both functional and versatile, but it isn’t designed to be pleasing to the eye – in fact that seems to have been an afterthought. It’s a little bulky and old-fashioned in appearance, but looks can be deceiving and the technology inside these units is actually quite advanced. I would suggest if you’re really concerned with the aesthetics of your home you keep it in a location that’s out of the way and not highly visible.



Compatible with Two-Way Radios: The fact that you can use the Samcom Digital FM Wireless Intercom with other portable two-way radio systems as long as they’re assigned the same frequency is a big advantage for this intercom system over other similar systems. It’s clear that the manufacturers of this product designed it with the belief that it should be used in both the home and the office. The system would be ideal for warehouse setting that have both offices and a large warehouse floor making communication much quicker and allowing businesses to react too rapidly changing situations.

Wall Mountable: This is meant to be a portable intercom system, but you can mount the main unit on the wall if you prefer. If you plan on placing the unit in one location and leaving it there on a permanent basis this may be the way you want to go. Of course if you do change your mind down the road it’s not a major problem to remove it from its wall mount and move it to a new location. It’s nice to have this versatility.

Wireless and Portable: Personally, I think the Samcom Digital FM Wireless Intercom system is ideal for use on construction sites because of its portable and wireless nature. These types of job sites are by their very nature temporary so you need a system that can be moved from place to place easily which means hardwired intercom systems simply aren’t appropriate. While there is a lot of choice in the wireless intercom market what sets this one apart from other systems is the fact that it can be used in conjunction with two-way radios as well.


1000 Foot Range: One of the most important features of a wireless intercom system is its range. If you live in a large home, or you want to use an intercom system in a business with a large piece of property, you’ll need to have a system with an extended range. The average wireless intercom system these days has about a 500 foot range and that may be fine for the home, but not necessarily ideal in a work setting. This particular model has 1000 foot range which makes it ideal in many different situations.

Generally Good Sound: For the most part the speaker clarity of this system is pretty good, but it has been known to be prone to periodic bouts of static. This is especially noticeable when you use it with a two-way radio system and that’s probably understandable when you consider your meshing two different systems together. If on the other hand you’re using the system exclusively with one of the six custom units that come with this intercom the sound clarity is quite good. I think most of us will be willing to put up with a little static if it means we can communicate across different types of systems–  although it would be nice to see them eliminate this problem in the future.

Individual Call and Group Functions: One final feature that we should mention about this intercom system is the fact that you can use it for both individual calls or for group conversations. Each unit in the system can be set up with its own station label for identification purposes so you can choose to communicate with one particular station at a time, or all of them. On the front of the unit is a group call button which allows you to access this group feature. It’s a simple procedure, but it adds a lot of functionality and is great if you want to get a message across to everyone in a home or business in one shot.

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Additional Products/Accessories:

  • Compatible with most two-way radio systems

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  1. John

    Just wounder if the radio frequencies are the GMRS radio spectrum. I have a pair set of wireless intercoms and the interference can be brutal?

  2. Chris

    If I have 6 unit system, can one be “locked” and the other 5 units can listen to that station? I’d like to use it as a “baby monitor” in my elderly father in law’s bedroom where 3 of the other units are in our separate bedrooms so we all can hear if he’s having problems at night.

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