Sadotech Wireless Doorbell Review

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Best Wireless Doorbell

  • Connector.

    The Good Stuff

    No Batteries needed for the Receiver. Connect More than One Receiver. Unique Frequency for Each Receiver.

  • Connector.

    The Not So Good Stuff

    No Smart Phone Functionality. No Video or Audio.

Price: $$

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With all of the great smart home tech available these days there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a doorbell, but not everyone’s interested in a lot of bells and whistles. If you’re looking for a simple wireless doorbell that gets the job done without a lot of fancy features then you may want to consider the Sadotech Wireless Doorbell. It works by using radio frequencies and it’s quite simple to pair the receiver with the transmitter. It’s also set up to be easily parable with more than one receiver and transmitter at a time – so you can easily have one at the back door and one at the front door.

What I really did like about the Sadotech Wireless Doorbell is that if you do use it with more than one receiver and transmitter at a time, for example at the front and back door, you can set up different ring chimes so that you can tell which doorbell is being rung. If you’ve got a big home and your front and back doors are located on opposite ends of the house this can be a nice time saving feature.


For a relatively inexpensive doorbell system the Sadotech Wireless Doorbell does have quite a few useful features. Here’s a quick outline of what you can expect.

  • Connect Multiple Receivers and Transmitters
  • 52 Different Chimes to Choose from
  • Over 500 Foot Range
  • No Batteries Required for Receiver, Just a Power Outlet
  • Compatible with Sadotech Motion Sensors
  • LED Indicator Light Illuminates When Transmitter Is Pressed
  • Four Different Volume Control Settings
  • Easy Set up and Install
  • Transmitter Button Is Waterproof
  • A Double-Sided Sticker, Screws, and Batteries are Included for Transmitter
  • 100% Moneyback Guarantee
  • Five Different Colors to Choose from
  • Stylish Modern Design


Stylish Modern Design: This doorbell may be relatively inexpensive, but it does feature a stylish modern design that will be appealing to a lot of people. It looks like something that would be right at home in any technological catalogue and you’ll never mistake it for an old-fashioned doorbell – this looks like that would be right at home next to your Apple TV box. It’s designed to fit right in with the modern home and it’s convenient and portable nature makes it ideal to move around the home if necessary.

Compact in Nature: There’s nothing worse than a big bulky piece of equipment that’s awkward to work with and you don’t have to worry about that with this unit. This Sadotech wireless doorbell is quite compact in nature which makes it unobtrusive and almost unnoticeable unless you’re really looking for it. You can plug the receiver in anywhere if you like – you can even hide it behind the couch. There’s no need for the unit to be on full display unless you want to show off your modern technology to visiting family members.

Five Different Colors: While it may have nothing to do with the functionality of the unit it’s still nice to know that it comes in several different colors – five to be exact. You can stick with the traditional white color if you don’t like to be flashy, but if you want to spruce things up there are yellow, blue, green, and red models to choose from. They’re not traditional colors either they’re very contemporary looking. There’s nothing like a little color to spice up your home decor.

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Connect Multiple Transmitters and Receivers: This doorbell system is really quite diverse for such an inexpensive product which normally retails for around $20. It can be easily set up to work with multiple different transmitters and receivers so that you can have one at every door in your house. They are of course sold separately, but at such a reasonable price you won’t have to break the bank to set up one at every door. Best of all you can program different chimes depending on which doorbell is being rung.

Easy Set up: The set up process for this doorbell system is virtually effortless. The receiver itself simply plugs into any wall outlet and the transmitter attaches to the outside of your door via double-sided sticky tape and a couple of screws. You don’t have to be Tim the tool man Taylor to set this thing up and that’s a good thing if you’re anything like me with very few mechanical skills.

52 Different Chimes: Probably my favorite feature of this doorbell system is that it comes equipped with 52 different chimes to choose from. There are your traditional doorbell chimes, but there are also some musical tones you can choose from and some of them are what you’d call seasonal. If it’s Christmas time then you can choose a Christmas sounding chime and having that type of option can really change how you look at a doorbell – instead of just a piece of equipment that you attach to your house and forget about it becomes a fun addition that can be changed to match the seasons.


Four Different Volume Levels: If you’re not a fan of loud doorbell chimes then you’ll probably be comforted to know that this one has four different volume levels to choose from. If you think it’s a little bit too loud you can simply turn it down and of course you can turn it up if it’s too low. It’s probably not a deal breaker for most people, but it’s a nice little extra feature none the less. It can have some really useful applications to – for example, if you’re babysitting you may want to turn down the doorbell chime while the babies in the house if you’re expecting a visitor and don’t want to disturb their sleep.

Uses a Unique Frequency: A common problem that can be a concern with wireless doorbell systems is the potential for interference from other wireless technologies in your home or near your home. This particular system uses a unique frequency in every separate model so that you never have to worry about interference – you really do get a lot for your money with this unit.

No Video or Audio: if you’re really into smart home technology you’ll probably be a little disappointed to know that this is just a basic wireless doorbell with a bunch of different ring chimes. There is no video so you can see who’s at the door and there’s no audio so you can’t talk to anyone remotely either. This unit is simply a doorbell chime and nothing else. However, if you’re not concerned with all those extra bells and whistles this unit is a great addition to your home.

Some Other Sources

It’s always a good idea if you can see how a product works before you purchase it and that’s why we’ve included the videos below so that you can take a look for yourself.

Setup Instructions – Watch Video

A Sample of the Available Ring Tones – Watch Video

Additional Products/Accessories:

  • Compatible with Sadotech Motion Sensors

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