Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell Review

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The best designed doorbell camera

  • Connector.

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    Full Features. Great Designs. Easy Set Up. Excellent Audio.

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    The Not So Good Stuff

    Notification Lag Time Issues. Average Video Quality.

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Ring Video Doorbell Review


The Ring Video Doorbell is a massive improvement from the previous version Doorbot. It’s sleek, non-intrusive “I am just a normal doorbell” design makes it a favorite for those smart home aficionados who like to be Tony Stark but not display his arrogant showiness. Ring Video Doorbell ticks all the boxes when it comes to regular features of the smart doorbells and there is no real additional features that competing products have on the market. Where Ring Video Doorbell sets itself apart from the competition is its ease of installation, with its one button Wi-Fi synch button.

Ring has a more advanced version called Ring Video Doorbell PRO, which in a nutshell upgrades the video to 1080p (to be able to count the pimples on a would be thief’s nose) and utilizes more advanced motion sensors. The Ring Video Doorbell PRO version only comes in a wired version. One important caveat is if you manage a Wi-Fi connection of 5Ghz, you will need to buy the PRO version. Most connections are still 2.4 Ghz still, however in bigger cities 5Ghz are becoming more common due to competition of Wi-Fi.

Ring offers a Lifetime Purchase Protection that not only protects against malfunctioning of the device but also against theft of the device.

Source: ring.com


Ring Video Doorbell obviously includes a lot of the essential features that all doorbells need to include.

  • Motion Sensors: Customizable motion sensors to activate the Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Doorbell. This allows a recording of everyone that comes up to your front door.
  • Two way audio: Communicate with your guest in real time
  • High quality Video: 720p HD Video or 1080p HD POr
  • iOS Android & Windows 10 Compatible: Communicate with your guests and receive all notifications via your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Night Vision: Capture motion and activity 24 hours
  • Optional Cloud Recording (Optional): Paid service which will save all recording on Capture those special moments and share them via the cloud. ($3 per Month)
  • Wi-Fi Compatible: Wi-Fi connection (802.11 b/g/n 2.4 Ghz)
  • Dual Powered: Use the rechargeable batteries or the existing doorbell wiring.
  • Lifetime Purchase Protection: Ring offers to replace your doorbell, even if it gets stolen. Very cool.
  • Weather Resistant: -5 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dimensions: 4.98 x 2.43 x 0.87 x inches.
  • Field of View: 180 degrees
  • Includes Installation Kit: Screwdriver, 4 Interchangeable Faceplates, Optional wiring and connectors, Drill Bit, Pro Power Kit, Installation Screws & Anchors, Quick Setup Guide
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty on parts.
Ring Video Doorbell ReviewRing Video Doorbell Review


Ring Video Doorbell Pro Additional Features:

  • High quality Video: 1080p HD Video
  • Dimensions: 4.50x 1.85 x 0.80 inches.
  • Field of Vision 160 degrees
  • Advanced Motion Sensors
  • Wi-Fi Compatible: Wi-Fi connection 2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz
  • IMPORTANT: Requires and existing hardwired doorbell


Great Colors & Design: Ring Video Doorbell have done something refreshing and have issued their doorbells in a variety of tasteful colors that could fit with most homes decors, Venetian Bronze, Polished Brass, Antique Brass and Satin Nickel. Although they have obviously saved costs and contracted their grandmas to name the product colors, I appreciate Ring utilizing these non intrusive colors, particularly with so many other doorbell camera providers going for the fluorescent colors and headache inducing whites that make my brain want to vomit.

Protect Against Theft of Device: Ring Video Doorbell utilizes proprietary screw design to protect against theft of the doorbell.  They are so confident they offer a Lifetime Purchase Protection which protects against theft of the device.

Subtle Camera: I appreciate the subtlety of the camera on the doorbell. I think Ring Video Doorbell has found the perfect balance between “I am watching you” and “I AM WATCHING YOU!

Ring Video Doorbell Review
Ring Video Doorbell Review
Ring Video Doorbell Review
Ring Video Doorbell Review

Source: ring.com


Notifications: Whenever a visitor presses the doorbell or is detected withing the range of motion sensors (depending on your sensor settings), a push notification is sent to the user where they can see with video streaming the visitor. They can communicate directly with the visitor

Easy Setup: Ring Video Doorbell has a simple moron proof set-up process to mount and synch with your Wi-Fi network. Utilizing the downloadable Ring App and the orange button on the back, connecting to your home WiFi is achievable within minutes. The device includes all the tools necessary to install it on your wall with just four screws. When using it in its wired form, just follow the instructions to connect the wires to the indicated locations on the device.

One button: They managed to design the award winning iPhone with one button, and after many years of successful development, they finally managed to develop a doorbell with only one button. If your guests can’t work out how to use this doorbell, you need new friends.


Excellent Audio: The audio on the Ring Doorbell is exceptionally clear. Ring clearly don’t use the same audio system installed in the NYC Subway.

Notification Lag Time Issues: Some users have reported a long lag time (10-15 seconds) from when a visitor rings the doorbell and receiving the notification, ending in capturing just the back of the visitor as they walk away. This will most likely arrive from users who are using the battery rechargeable option as in order to reduce battery consumption the doorbell goes into sleep mode until some activity occurs (motion on doorbell ring).

Average Video Quality: The regular version of the Ring Video Doorbell comes with 720p HD Video. The PRO version comes with a 1080p HD Video, which has become more a recent standard with the latest models. Whilst the video quality is definitely satisfactory and functions adequately, there was some lag and streaking issues.

Check out these videos for performance!

Accepting Packages Watch Video

Whilst away on vacation Watch Video

Dissuade Theft Watch Video

Additional Products / Accessories:

  • Ring Chime rings in your house so that you don’t miss a visitor

Easy Integration with:

Smart Home Hub

Control all your smart devices from the one application including the Ring App.

Smart Lock

Access the Kevo App via the Ring App in order to unlock your front door for welcomed guests.

Smart Lock

Access the Lockstate functions directly via your Ring App in order to unlock your front door for welcomed guests.

ADT Pulse

Security System

Lock your doors and arm the ADT system via your Ring App

Smart Light Controller

Turn on lights in your home after monitoring activity outside your home.

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