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Protect your info with e-signatures

Today, e-signatures are used everyday except you don’t realise you’re using them, and they’re achieved through lots of different ways. These range from entering your PIN number to clicking “OK” in an app. Even emails have been used as legally binding agreements. Which is why if you’re a business that relies on sending documents for signing in any capacity, electronic signatures can help you massively. Especially when considering security.

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    How do they help?

    Well, electronic signatures are designed to create a unique fingerprint showing the authenticity of the signed document. Making digital signature software no different to signing with a pen the old-fashioned way. Except, of course, for being much more secure.

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    How exactly?

    The processes involved with signing documents online identifies the signer and the document to then stores the sealed document in a secure place. Any attempts to tamper with the signature are then visible. This method also ensures that all interactions with your document are 100% encrypted, stopping any outside parties from snooping the data you’re sending. With rigorous checks carried out at every stage of the signing process, ensuring all details around the document stay the same throughout.Taking on software to sign your documents for you also ensures your business’ activity isn’t only secure from a legal standpoint, but it’s also secure when it comes to storing them. Centralising paperless documents in your account restricts accessibility to your files. And also means that documents don’t go missing and won’t be lost in the unfortunate event like a fire or a flood.And of course, aside from keeping your information and files super safe, you get to stop spending money on things like postage and printing, which is a win win. But i’m biased, I suppose.

Author bio: Jessie is Signable’s Content Queen.
Signable is an electronic signature platform that helps businesses get their documents finalised faster. As Content Queen she ensures that Signable’s customer’s resource for support, educational content and industry updates are always available and clear. I also makes sure the Twitter feed is full of hilarious reaction gifs and sarcastic comments.

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