Nucleus Anywhere Intercom Review

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Nucleus Anywhere Intercom Review

I don’t think of myself as someone that’s easily impressed, but when I recently had the chance to take a look at the Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with built-in Alexa Voice Service I have to admit I was impressed. This is a system that takes wireless intercom technology to a new level and in fact brings it into the 21st century. It’s designed to give you all of the functionality of an expensive intercom system integrated into your home, but without the expensive price tag of more conventional built-in systems – in fact it’s better than these systems because it offers instant audio and video.

For anyone that’s used FaceTime or Skype you might be thinking how is this any different from those services and why do I need to buy this expensive equipment to do something I can already do now. The problem with those services is you have to be somewhat tech savvy to figure them out in the first place which won’t necessarily make them a good way of communicating with the grandmother. This system is simple to set up, offers instant one touch connections, and the audio and video work seamlessly in HD – you don’t experience the lag that you’ve probably experienced with FaceTime or Skype.


The Nucleus Anywhere Intercom is one of the most feature-rich intercom systems available for the home today. It most definitely is not your grandparent’s intercom system and here’s a breakdown of its major features.

  • Instant Video and Audio Communication
  • Communicate Room to Room or across the World
  • Connect Using Wi-Fi or Dedicated Ethernet Cable
  • Desk Stand and Wall Mount
  • Touchscreen, One Tap Connections
  • Connect Unlimited Units
  • No Lag
  • HD Video
  • Alexa Compatible
  • Can Also Access the Weather and Music Services
  • Simple Set up
  • Includes a Mobile App for Android and IOS
  • Flip Screen Camera Cover for Privacy
  • Do Not Disturb button


Tablet Style:A visitor to your home would be forgiven if they thought the Nucleus Anywhere Intercom was just another tablet, but nothing could be further from the truth. It does have a lot of similarities to tablets, but it has a more focused use and it serves its purpose very well. As is the case with most tablets it does have a built-in Webcam which is what you use for two-way communication between different units in the system and of course it has built in speakers and a mic like any other tablet.

Touch Screen Display:Once you start to use touchscreen technology it’ss very difficult to go back to the old style keyboard and mouse based interaction with an Internet connected device and fortunately you don’t have to worry about that with this product. It does have a built-in touchscreen display that allows you to access all of the systems controls right on the screen with your finger. The main screen of each separate unit in your intercom system will feature shortcuts to each room in the house, or at grandma’s house for that matter, that happen to have another unit in that room. It’s simple and intuitive and the built in operating system will look very familiar to anyone who’s used an IOS or Android based device in the past.

Thin and Portable: Unlike other intercom systems this one is completely portable as you can take each tablet unit with you anywhere you go within the home, or for that matter anywhere that happens to have a Wi-Fi connection. Its design is sleek and thin much like any other tablet and it’s very light weight so you won’t have any trouble moving it.

Nucleus Anywhere Intercom Review


One-touch Operation: The reason the manufacturer of this product argues that it’s simpler to use than FaceTime or Skype is that it only takes the tap of one button that’s always available on the main screen to make a call and start communicating to someone with a similar device on the other end. You simply tap on the connect button on the main screen of the room where the person you wish to talk to is located and begin your conversation – it’s as simple as that. You don’t have to find the right app and download anything, or learn how to use a tablet before you begin using it.

Effortless Setup: The set up process couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is give your system a unique password access code, allow it access to your wireless connection, input names for each room where the Nucleus Anywhere Intercom devices are installed and you can begin communicating. The whole process should take you more than five minutes to set up and once it’s done it’s done there’s no follow-up that needs to be done.

Mobile App: Another nice feature that gives the Nucleus Anywhere Intercom an edge on its competition is the fact that you can use it anywhere. It’s great to use room to room in your home, but you can easily set up devices at your work office or another family members home in another part of the country that connect to the system just as easily. It also has a Mobile companion app that you can use to connect with loved ones at home no matter where you are in the world. It’s a user-friendly system that has the potential to change the way we communicate and interact with our family members no matter where they are.


Instant Communication: Every New Year I like to connect with my parents over FaceTime to wish them a happy New Year and while it is nice to communicate with them in person like that the video is often choppy at best and sometimes it disconnects altogether. You don’t have to worry about that with the Nucleus Anywhere Intercom system as it uses the latest Wi-Fi technology to connect instantly with people whether they’re in the next room or halfway across the world. There is no lag at all unless of course you’re having problems with your own Wi-Fi network and that’s something that’s out of the systems control.

HD Video: When Skype first became available for computers it was a novel technology with a lot of potential, but the video quality was normally quite poor. Our technology has improved a lot since those early days and today we expect HD quality video in all of our devices. The Nucleus Anywhere Intercom doesn’t disappoint as the built-in camera is a high quality HD resolution units. Not only is there no lag you’ll have no problem making out the tiniest detail of your grandmother’s kitchen a thousand miles away.

Secure Connection: Since this system relies exclusively on connecting over Wi-Fi and Internet technology I was initially a little leery about the security of the system – no one wants strangers looking into their home over Webcams. It’s also important to be able to prevent instant access to a room if you’re trying to get some rest and the manufacturers of this system have thought of all of these things. The Nucleus Anywhere Intercom connects over a securely encrypted system that’s designed to withstand the most robust attempts at access. It’s also got a built-in shutter that you can manually cover the camera with when you don’t want to allow video access to your rooms and there’s a do not disturb option on your touchscreen. These are all comforting features that make it less of a worry to use the system.

Some Other Sources

It’s hard to explain all of the Nucleus Anywhere Intercom systems features in words so in order to make it easier to understand what the systems all about we’ve included a couple of video links below.

Possible Future Application – Watch Video

Additional Products/Accessories:

  • This system has built-in Alexa functionality
  • Future integration with other smart home technology such as Nest

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