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Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd-Generation Review

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NEST LEARNING THERMOSTAT REVIEWThere is always one product in any product category that seems to rise above the rest and when it comes to smart thermostats the clear favorite is the Nest Learning Thermostat. This thermostat was actually designed by one of the original members of the team that created the iPod and once you get an opportunity to use the Nest thermostat you’ll clearly see the influence that product had on its design. It’s a user-friendly and intuitive thermostat that has industry-leading technology and features built into it.

The only major drawback of this nest thermostat may be its price which is definitely more than the $25-$30 you’re probably used to paying for thermostats, but you do get a lot more in the package than your average thermostat offers. The only other real issue that some customers have experienced with this nest thermostat is that it doesn’t always shut off when it should, but in most cases this is more of an issue when you first start to use the thermostat as it’s still learning your habits.


The Nest thermostat is without a doubt one of the most advanced smart thermostats on the market and it’s got all of the features that you’d expect in such a device. Here’s a quick overview.

  • Works with Alexa Voice
  • 24 Bit Color LCD Display
  • Compatible with 95% of the HVAC Units on the Market Today
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Intuitive Touch Controls
  • Learns Your Habits and Adjusts Based on Them
  • Easy Install
  • Modern Design
  • Larger Screen and Thinner Design Than Previous Models
  • Includes Apps for Both Android and iOS
  • Motion Sensor Technology
  • Farsight for Viewing from a Distance
  • Accesses the Latest Weather Data And Uses It to Adjust Temperatures
  • You Can Set a Seven Day Schedule
  • Problem Alerts


Sleek and Modern: If you remember a little earlier we talked about the fact that this product was created by one of the original members of the design team for the iPod and the design of this thermostat would make it fit right in the Apple catalogue of products. The Nest has an intuitive minimalistic design that doesn’t include any features you don’t actually need. When it comes to thermostats they often display a lot of unnecessary stuff on the screen, but the creators of the nist went for a simpler design. The manufacturers of this thermostat have got things right were a lot of other companies have missed the boat.

Large Display Items: The first thing you’ll notice when you see a Nest 3rd-generation thermostat in action is the ultra large display of the temperature on its home screen. It jumps right at you and all of the other information is secondary. You can read it from anywhere in the room and with the built-in Farsight technology it knows when you’re anywhere within 20 feet or so and will light up to make it easier for you to see the displayed temperature. It’s these little details that they’ve thought of that makes this an impressive thermostat.

No Clutter: There is other information on the main screen of the Nest thermostat, but only in the form of small icons that don’t stand out like a sore thumb. The screen doesn’t look cluttered at all which makes it a lot easier to see the information. Other smart thermostats have busier displays and while the companies that make them may think all this extra information is necessary all they end up doing is leaving a lot of clutter on the screen which tends to be a little annoying.



Rotating Control: When it comes time to give this thermostat a test ride you’re likely to be pretty impressed with the controls. The Nest has a circular design that’s actually quite functional. The outside edge of the thermostat turns so that you can turn the temperature up or down. They seem to have found the right level of sensitivity for this feature so that controlling your temperature manually is quite easy. The screen is also a touchscreen so that you can control its other features.

It Can Do the Work for You: While it may be nice to have the option to control this thermostat manually that’s really not what it’s designed for. The main attraction of this thermostat is that it learns your habits and starts to take control of setting the temperature levels in your house to match your usage. Its built-in sensors recognize when there’s no activity in the room near the thermostat and will automatically adjust the temperature so that you’re not wasting energy. It also learns over time when you’re normally at work so that it can adjust the temperature to save you money on energy bills when you’re not at home.

Convenient App Access: For those of us that aren’t quite ready to relinquish control of our homes climate settings to a Smart thermostat they’ve also provided the ability to access the thermostat via Wi-Fi remotely. There are apps for both IOS and Android with all of the features that you can access when you’re at home. If you know you’re getting ready to leave work early and you want to cool the house down on a hot summer day you simply have to access the app and get the home ready for your arrival. It’s probably one of the most user friendly apps available for Smart thermostats, which is in keeping with the company’s reputation for giving the consumer what they’re looking for.


Reacts to Your Schedule: The Nest Learning Thermostat really is a smart little device. It learns as it goes and while it won’t catch on to all of your habits right away within a couple of months most users are quite surprised at how well this little unit can read their habits and react to them. When you’re at work it will turn down the air conditioner or turn up the heat, when it knows you’re on the way home it will start to cool down or heat up the home again, and when the weekend arrives it will also be aware that you’re likely to be home more often. It’s an impressive piece of technology that’s still ahead of its peers.

Important Notifications: The list of features we’ve discussed have been pretty impressive, but one other feature really stands out as well. This Smart thermostat actually recognizes if your furnace is operating outside of its normal range and will send you notifications via email to warn you that there’s a problem. In the past this type of thing might’ve gone unnoticed and it could’ve been months before you got the problem fixed. With this intuitive feature built-in the Nest can actually save you even more money than other smart thermostats by allowing you to address a problem early before it becomes a major issue.

Accurate Temperatures: The temperature controls on this thermostat are more accurate than most of its competitors. As long as your HVAC system is functioning properly this unit will make sure that the temperature the home is set to is accurate to within 0.5°. When a thermostat’s operating at such exact tolerances your energy bills will be reduced further.

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Additional Products/Accessories:

  • The Nest is fully compatible with Alexa Voice which allows you to control the thermostat using your voice, which is great if you’ve just sat down to dinner and realized it’s a little chilly – you can turn the thermostat up without having to get back up.

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