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M&S SYSTEMS DMC4 IntercomThe M&S SYSTEMS DMC4 Retrofit System Package is a great way to upgrade an existing hardwired intercom system. If you buy an older home it may already have an intercom system built right into the walls, but there’s a good chance that system will be quite old and outdated – in some cases going back to the 1970s. This retrofit system package is designed to bring your built-in intercom system into the modern age and it does a great job of doing exactly that. It has built-in FM and AMradio capabilities as well as versatile monitoring options for keeping track of small children in other rooms.
The main drawback of a system like this is of course the fact that it is a hardwired system. That means it requires a lot of extensive installation groundwork and once it is installed you can’t move it anywhere so you have to make sure you put it in the rooms that you really need it in. In today’s world where wireless intercom systems are becoming increasingly popular it’s getting harder to endorse this type of product.


As you would expect with a hardwired intercom system the M&S SYSTEMS DMC4 Intercom System retrofit is packed full of features.

  • Retrofit Existing Intercom Systems
  • Four Units Included
  • Whole Home Music System
  • AM & FM Radio
  • Monitor Mode
  • Ability to Talk in Monitor Mode
  • Runs on Existing Wires
  • Includes Eight A.M. and Eight FM Presets for Radio Stations
  • Compatible with Your Smart Phone
  • Supports up to 15 Room Stations
  • Supports up to Three Door Speakers
  • Built-In Privacy Features
  • Three Note Door Chime Included
  • Sleek Modern Design


Sleek and Modern: This latest intercom system or retrofit by M&S is a capable system that will bring your existing intercom system online with the modern smart home. It’s sleek and modern looking and will blend into the background on the walls of most homes. It would be nice if they offered a variety of different colors to match different decors, but the standard white model will work in most circumstances. It features a digital display on the main unit with a simple LED screen.

Multiple Controls:The main central unit features all of the controls that you would expect in any quality intercom system these days. It includes buttons for accessing local AM and FM radio stations and you can program up to eight different presets for both AM and FM. It also features a standard talk button that you push when you want to talk over the intercom system and it allows you to quickly listen in on any room in the house using the monitor function – it’s a great way of keeping track of children in other rooms.

Smart Phone Compatible: Any kind of music and communication system these days really has to be compatible with your smart phone as most of us store our music collections on our mobile devices. The M&S system is fully compatible with just about any smart phone which makes it easy to play all of your favorite songs located on your device for everyone in the whole house. Of course if you have different tastes in music that might be more of a curse than a blessing, but that’s something each family will have to work out on their own.

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Easy Access Talk Button:Using this intercom system is pretty straightforward you simply press the talk button when you’re ready to say something and hold it while you’re speaking. When you’ve had your say you simply release the button and carry on with what you were doing or listen for a response from the other end. You can’t move these units around so you will have to go to the wall unit to talk which is a bit of a drawback, but if you have these located in just about every room that’s probably not a major issue.

Monitor Override: as we’ve already mentioned this intercom system can be used as a monitoring unit which is great for keeping track of children, but for most intercoms when you set them in monitor status you can no longer use the intercom to talk with – with this one you can. The unit allows you to interrupt the monitor feature and talk whenever you like. That’s a nice ability to have for any family so that you can monitor and talk as the need arises.

No Voice Control: Many intercom systems these days come equipped with voice control services, but unfortunately this one doesn’t offer that type of capability. You have to physically move to the intercom on the wall when you want to communicate. When you consider that there are a lot of wireless intercom systems on the market these days that do offer voice control at considerably less cost it’s surprising that they didn’t include this type of feature.


Multiple Music Sources: Probably the best feature of this particular intercom system is the range of options it gives you for playing your favorite music. You can search for your favorite oldies station on AM, or crank up the tunes on FM. If you prefer a little more control you can plug in your smart phone and listen to your own personal music collection, your iTunes library, Spotify, Apple Music, IHeart radio, or any other type of music service available to you on your smart phone device. This is a major upgrade on older intercom systems which simply weren’t designed for the modern age.

Crystal-Clear Sound: The most important aspect of any intercom system is being able to use it for communication from room to room in your house. That’s not possible if the sound that you hear coming out of it speakers in each room is muffled, garbled, or full of static. M&S has been making intercom systems for more than 50 years and over that time period they’ve developed a lot of expertise that has helped them to refine their sound. The end result for the customer that buys one of their systems today is a level of crystal-clear sound unrivaled in most other intercom systems on the market today. When you talk to someone over this intercom system it quite literally sounds like they’re in the room with you and not talking over an intercom system at all.

Easy Integration:A great selling feature of this retrofit product is that it is designed to be used with your existing wires which make it easy to upgrade to this more modern system. In fact, it will even work with older intercom units if you want to leave a couple in some rooms although the sound clarity will obviously not be as good on those older units. The only drawback with this retrofitting system is that the process is a little time consuming and will likely take you somewhere between three and five hours depending on how handy you are.

Some Other Sources

Here are a couple of sample videos that highlight some of the M&S SYSTEMS DMC4 Pack 4-Wire Music/Communication Retrofit System’s features.

AM and FM radio an action – Watch Video

Feature Highlights – Watch Video

Additional Products/Accessories:

  • This system is compatible with your existing smart phone

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