Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock Review

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Best Designed Smart Lock

  • Connector.

    The Good Stuff

    Looks Just like a Standard Lock. One Tap to Enter. Knows When You’re Indoors.

  • Connector.

    The Not So Good Stuff

    Calibration Can Take Several Attempts. Lock is Breakable. App Has a Tendency to Crash.

Price: $$

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The Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock 925 has a lot of things going for it. It has a stealthy design that makes it difficult to tell that it’s actually a smart lock unless you’re right up close to it, it allows for simple and secure access to your home, and you can provide E-keys to other family members via the app. It has a very intuitive design and it’s an elegant looking smart lock that won’t attract unwanted attention to your front door. It’s also been tested by numerous sources and time and again it’s found to have been extremely effective at rebuffing attempts to pick it or bump it.

Now that we have the good stuff out of the way here’s what you may not like about this lock. It’s apparently quite vulnerable to forced entry and while this may be common for just about any deadbolt system keep in mind that this one costs several times more than your average lock – you’d think that you get added security for that extra money. It’s also difficult to calibrate. In most instances it will take you several attempts to calibrate the lock properly to your phone and the company openly admits this.


The Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock 925 has a lot of great features that actually are quite impressive.

  • Touch to Open Convenience
  • Stealth Design Looks like a Normal Lock
  • Send E-Keys Via the App
  • Optional FOB access if you don’t have a smart phone
  • Recognizes If You’re Phones inside or outside
  • Includes a Traditional Key for Backup
  • Uses Standard AAA Batteries
  • Easy Installation
  • Virtually Pick Proof
  • Includes Apps for Both Android and Apple
  • Provides You with Alerts When Someone Activates the Lock
  • Works Via Bluetooth
  • LED Indicator Tells You If It’s Locked or Unlocked


Stealthy Design: My single favorite thing about this lock is the fact that it doesn’t look like a smart lock at all. Anyone looking at your lock from a distance would think it’s just your typical lock on an average home. As great as Smart locks are it’s really not a good idea to purchase one that advertises itself. What a smart lock on the outside of your door says to a would-be burglar is that there’s something in your house worth stealing and everybody loves a challenge. The only time you realize that it has built-in smart lock technology is when you actually tap on the lock and watch it light up.

Built to Resist Tampering: When we purchase a smart lock we do so with the intention that it will make our lives easier and more convenient, but we still expect it to provide us security against unwanted visitors in our homes. We’ve already mentioned this lock has a stealthy design that makes it less than obvious that it’s actually a smart lock, but it’s also quite tamper-resistant as well. The built-in electronics won’t stop working because of a simple bump and it’s quite resistant to being picked.

Subtle LED Indicators: The only way anyone will know that the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock 925 is actually a smart lock is if they walk right up to it and touch it. When it’s touched it will light up. If it recognizes your smart phone then within a couple of seconds the LED lights around the lock will turn green and you’ll be able to enter, but if it doesn’t recognize the person trying to gain entry the LED will turn yellow and the person trying to enter will not be able to gain access.


One Touch Access: The flagship feature of this smart lock is the fact that it allows you to enter your home with a simple touch on the lock itself. As long as you’re smart phone is calibrated for the lock it will automatically recognize you when you’re in close proximity to the door and when you touch the lock you’ll be allowed to enter. It works flawlessly every time and if someone attempts to touch the lock themselves that doesn’t have access privileges they will be denied entry.

Easily Share E-Keys: If you have other family members that you want to share access to your home with you can send them E-Keys via the app for this smart lock. It’s nothing fancy – just a simple email notification that’s sent to the person you want to give access to with the virtual key code for them to use once they download the app. It’s simple but it works. It’s important to note though that these extra keys aren’t free and you will have to pay a fee for each extra key. It is a one-time fee though which kind of takes some of the sting out of it.

Alternate Entry Methods: While this is a well-designed smart lock no system is foolproof so the folks at Kwikset do provide a couple of backup alternatives. You can purchase a FOB separately which will allow one swipe access and that’s great for family members who may not use smart phones. Unfortunately, this method won’t be to useful if the batteries fail, although neither will the standard entry method of tapping on the lock. There is a workaround for that as well as they do provide an old-fashioned key for entry, which is perfect if there’s any kind of electronic failure or if the battery simply wears out.


Indoor/Outdoor Sensor: One thing that kind of worried me about this lock was what would happen if my smart phone happened to be sitting on a table by the door and I was sleeping on the couch. Because it was in close proximity to the door would that mean that anybody walking up to my front door could simply tap on the lock and walk into my home? It turns out that’s not something you have to worry about. One of the first things you should do after installing this lock is to calibrate it to recognize whether your phone is indoors or outdoors. This may be a little bit of a time consuming process, but once it’s set up it works flawlessly. The lock can actually tell if your phone is inside the door or outside the door and when you’re inside the door it won’t activate the lock.

Flawless Operation: This is a system that works very well. There’s virtually no lag time between the time that you touch your finger to the lock and the time that it takes for it to unlock. It works flawlessly every time – as long as the batteries are charged.

Difficult to Calibrate: Probably the biggest flaw with the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock system is that it takes quite some time to calibrate the lock when you first set it up. It’s a bit of a trial and error process and if you’re not a patient person you’re bound to get a little frustrated. If you hang in there though once the lock is calibrated and set up with your smart phone as we mentioned above it works flawlessly every time.

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