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How to Burglar Proof Windows and Doors

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Unless you live in an impenetrable castle with a moat, leaving the windows in your house open is not something you often do. And even when you do leave a window open it can be a worry. Home break-ins or even worse, home invasions occur every 13 seconds, which can seem kind of scary and that number becomes even more frightening when you realize that your security system alone cannot stop a break-in. A savvy burglar could be in and out quickly before you even notice.  But the good news is that by adding additional security measures, like burglar proof windows, and by securing entry points into your house you can make your home more secure, and you can even enjoy a nice evening breeze without worry.

Burglars fall into two main categories, those who are highly skilled and consider robbery their primary profession. While these “professionals” are a risk to your valuables, they are less likely than non-professionals to present a danger to the safety of your family. With 83% of burglaries being committed by non-professional criminals, they are often far more dangerous than their professional counterparts.

With the majority of home robberies or invasions being perpetrated by people in desperate situations that can lead to frightening consequences for your family, finding ways to supplement your security system with burglar proof products that work to keep burglars out can make you feel more secure in your home.

Check out the US Department of State’s advice about securing your home whilst away on vacation.

Common Entry Points

Knowing where you have vulnerabilities in your home and where points of entry are located can help create a more comprehensive security plan for your home. With multiple areas of your home being possible targets for someone trying to access your home, it becomes necessary to find ways to protect all of the entry points in your home.

Burlgar Proof Windows

It’s a lovely day in October, and you innocently leave the window open, and then forget about it when you leave to get groceries. Leaving a window on a lower floor open is like sending an invitation to someone who wants to break-in. And even when closed they still present a risk, securing your door, and windows should be one of the first things you do when trying to make your home safe.

There are several ways that you can enhance your home security and make it nearly impossible for someone to access your home through your windows.  The best way to keep your home safe is by preventing a break-in before it happens. Ensuring that you have burglar proof windows will help you dissuade any opportunist thief in your area.

  • Check your window locks. Most of us know to check our door locks when we are going to be away or when it’s time to get some sleep, but we often forget to check on our windows. If you have several people sharing a living space, you should always check before leaving or going to bed that all of the windows in your house are locked. This simple security measure could keep your family safe from an intruder.
  • Make sure the locks on your windows are high quality. Locking the window is a good start, but if the locks that you have aren’t strong enough someone may still be able to access your home. Look into adding more secure locks to each window, especially those on lower floors that can be easily accessed. Also, consider placing locks on both sides of your window, you want to make it hard for someone who is trying to break-in, and cheap window locks can’t give you the security that you need.
  • Invest in glassbreak Glassbreak sensors can tell you when one of your windows has been broken and alert you by sounding an alarm that may also scare off someone who is trying to enter through a broken window. By adding an option like the 5853 Wireless Glassbreak Detector, you can secure the windows in your home without worrying about false alarms. Wireless glassbreak detectors also allow you to get a higher level of detection and alarm sound quality.
  • burglar proof windowsAdd additional security. If you have a security system in your home, make sure that it connects to every window in your home. If you don’t have a security system consider purchasing an alarm system for your windows, options like the magnetic indoor window alarms from GE can offer a low-cost way to protect your windows when you are home. Most magnetic alarm options are easy to install, battery operated and sound an alarm when a window or door is opened without your knowledge. If you want to have your windows secure while you are away from home, you may want to invest in a monitored system.
  • Consider adding impact resistant glass. While this type of glass is typically associated with hurricanes, it can also be a good option to keep your home secure regardless of your current location. The primary option when it comes to impact resistant glass is laminated, this is comprised of two sheets of glass with a shatterproof membrane that is placed between them. So while the outer layer of glass may shatter, the inner shatterproof layer will keep the remainder of the window from being broken should any external elements come in contact with the window.
  • Another way you can add an impact resistant element to your home is by using a shatterproof film that is applied to the existing window. Because this is a film, it is not as secure as the impact resistant glass option; it is designed to keep the window glass in place in the event the window is broken. You could also consider tempered glass which is also more durable than traditional window glass which makes it harder to break.
  • Find some window art. Okay, okay maybe they are window bars, but depending on the style of your home they can offer a level of security and also add an artistic element to the exterior of your home. While the first thing that may come to your mind when you hear iron bars is a prison, window bars can offer some beautiful and artistic designs for your windows that can enhance the beauty of your windows while keeping nefarious elements out.
  • Improve your safety by adding grilles on your windows. If you are unfamiliar with window grilles, they are metal bars or wires that are placed in front of windows to provide a level of security. Grilles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and can also be used to protect the glass on your door as well. Most of the grilles we know today consist of the horizontal or vertical bars that separate the glass into smaller panes which make it harder for someone to gain entry to your home.  This is more common in traditional homes, but they are still a viable option for a lot of homeowners who want burglar proof windows. Unfortunately they are not the most attractive option, and you could have a home that looks more like Fort Knox.

Buglar Proof Front Doors

While this may seem obvious, your front door is the first place someone trying to break-in to your home will try. While locks are usually the first thought about door security, there are also other things you should consider.

  • How secure is your door? While hollow doors can be cost-effective, they are also easy to overcome. When you are purchasing a door, you should look for options that have a solid wood or metal core.
  • Is your lock strike plate strong enough? One of the easiest ways a burglar enters your home is by simply kicking the door in. If you have a cheap locking mechanism on your door, most likely the lock strike plate will not be sufficient to stop someone from kicking the door in.
  • Is your lock tough enough? You should look for heavy duty deadbolts and lock strike plates that can prevent someone from accessing your home through the front door. Additionally adding a second deadbolt on the inside of your door that has no exterior key access can add a second layer of security. Lastly, you should also change your locks when you move into a new home.
  • How much can you see out of your peephole? If you only see a vague outline of a person when you look through your peephole, you may want to consider investing in wide angle peephole options. You can see more clearly who is standing outside of your door, so you know if it’s someone you trust. They are also a relatively inexpensive option that is easy to install.
  • Do you live in a high crime area? If so you may want to consider a doorbell like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro; it is hardwired to an existing doorbell connection and can provide video, motion detection, and night vision when connected to a WiFi connection. You can monitor your camera by a using a smartphone app to monitor your home even when you are away.

Burglar Proof Glass Sliding Doors

Most of the time these glass doors are installed with a pretty basic lock, which makes them a target for someone entering a home with the intent to commit theft. To secure your doors you want to focus on two things, the strength of the locking system and the type of glass used in the sliding doors.

  • To secure the door, you can also insert a wooden stick (broom handle size) into the track; this will keep someone from being able to slide the door. You can also add track blockers, which will also prevent movement.
  • The other thing you need to consider is the glass itself; you want to make sure that your sliding doors have burglar-proof glass, meaning it cannot be broken. While most of the sliding glass doors on the market should provide you with shatterproof doors, it is always a good idea to check that your doors are safe and secure.

Additional Ways to Burglar Proof Windows and Doors

Other things you can do to bolster the security of your doors and windows include investing in good lighting, both for the interior and external areas of your home.

  • burglar proof windowsFor interior lighting, you want to use timers that can be set to turn on lights and televisions when you are not at home. This will give anyone passing by the idea that someone is home, which reduces the possibility of a break-in. Timers like the GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control and Appliance Module can even allow you to control timers and lighting using your mobile device and is even compatible with Amazon Echo for voice control options.
  • For your exterior lighting you should use a timer as well. The more you look like you are home, the better the chances you can prevent a burglary. You can also look into motion sensor lights that can provide lights for your patio or deck area and even your yard. Investing in solar powered wireless motion sensors like the Solar Light URPOWER 8 LED Outdoor Wireless Motion Sensors can be an inexpensive way to provide additional security to the exterior of your home without increasing your power bill.

In addition to exterior lighting, you can also look into outdoor sirens that can provide an even higher level of security to the outside of your home. Most of these sirens come equipped with a strobe light or an extremely bright beam of light to indicate someone is outside of your home.

Investing in making your home safe for you and your family should be the highest priority on your to-do list.  Even if you are on a budget, there are still ways to secure both the interior and exterior of your house with products that can alert you that someone may be trying to break-in.  From exterior motion sensors to window alarms there is a wide selection of affordable solutions that you can get started with today.

If you have more to invest, burglar proof windows and sliding doors are the best bet. With most burglars entering through an unlocked door or open window making the decision to add burglar proof windows and increasing the security of your front door can provide a level of safety that will let you worry less and enjoy your home more.

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