Hotel Rooms of the Future

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Over the past few years smart devices have started to become more and more common, arguably it all started out with smart phones, specifically iPhones. Going from a ‘dumb’ device that would just perform a single function, to one that performs many and does so intuitively. Arguably the latest smart trend is smart homes.

Smart homes contain devices that are set to improve our safety, security, health and well-being as well as simply being cool things to own and make our lives easier. And what starts as a trend in the home often becomes popular throughout businesses and industries.

The travel sector is one of those industries set to capitalise on these technological advancements, imagine how much of a powerful selling tool it would be able to offer the experience of wandering down a sun-kissed beach from the comfort of your own home.

Hotel companies around the world are already taking advantage of some fairly game-changing devices such as robotic technology that will deliver luggage and room service quickly and efficiently to your hotel room.

But some of the technologies that we are likely to see rolled out more universally will be in the actual rooms of the hotels themselves, this more unobtrusive IoT technology includes devices to display useful information quickly, help improve sleep and make sure in room tech and personal devices work in a truly connected, personalised and seamless manner.

To find out more check out this infographic from De Vere Hotels:

Hotel Rooms Of the Future Infographic

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