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  • Connector.

    The Good Stuff

    Soft Touch Buttons. Station Labels. No Installation Required.

  • Connector.

    The Not So Good Stuff

    Needs AC Power Source. FM Signal Can Be Interfered with. Retro Look.

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home intercom digital fm wireless intercom review


home intercom digital fm wireless intercom reviewIf you’re looking for a wireless intercom system that’s both affordable and works well then the Home Intercom Digital FM Wireless Intercom 3-Channel System 3-Station is a strong candidate for home use. This isn’t a flashy unit by any means, but it’s a serviceable system that gets the job done. What I did like about it was that it comes equipped with three separate stations to use throughout the home whereas most wireless intercom setups only ship with two. It’s not going to win any awards for its looks as it is a little bulky and awkward looking, but if you’re more concerned with usability than looks then this intercom system does have some positive qualities.
Perhaps the biggest drawback isn’t so much its looks as the fact that it does use an FM signal for its wireless communication protocol and because of that it is somewhat prone to interference. The company’s own literature admits that it does pick up random signals from time to time, but for the most part it works pretty well.


The Home Intercom Digital FM Wireless Intercom system does have the essential features you’re looking for in a wireless intercom system and you’ll find the highlights of those features below.

  • Wireless two-way communication
  • No Installation required
  • Soft Touch, big buttons
  • AC power adapter
  • Uses micro USB universal adaptor
  • Lockable talk button
  • Rotary power on/off
  • Volume control for sound adjustments
  • FM signal transmission
  • 500 foot range
  • Portable or wall mountable
  • Station labels for simple and quick identification
  • Direct channel buttons
  • Auto return to designated channels
home intercom digital fm wireless intercom review


Bulky Retro Look: Looks certainly aren’t everything, but when you look at this intercom system you can’t help but think could they have put a little more thought into aesthetics when designing the system. It looks like a piece of technology that would look right at home in any 1970s living room and that’s frankly a little disappointing. With the rapid advancement in technology over the last couple of decades we’ve become accustomed to sleek and slick designs so while the look of this product isn’t critical to its operation it’s definitely not going to knock you off your feet.

Easily Accessible Buttons: Where the Home Intercom Digital FM Wireless Intercom system does shine is in its simple straightforward buttons that are nice and large and soft to the touch. Each unit has three simple buttons that serve a specific purpose. First, there is a call button which you press when you want to call someone on the other end of the intercom unit. There is also a talk button which you push and hold when you’re ready to talk and release when you’re done speaking. The last button is also very useful as it allows you to lock the unit so that people on the other end of the intercom system can hear everything you say without you having to press talk. It’s a useful feature if you want to monitor children that are playing in another room while you work on dinner, but just remember you’ll only be able to hear them – you won’t be able to talk with them.

Basic Black: Another feature of the Home Intercom Digital FM Wireless Intercom systems basic design is its black color (they call it charcoal). It may not be the flashiest color on a piece of technology like this, but it’s simple and unassuming and will fit with almost any decor. If you really have your heart set on a color that’s anything but black you’re probably going to have to keep looking for a different intercom system.


Lock and Talk: Not to beat a dead horse, but I really think the lock and talk feature is one of the best aspects of the Home Intercom Digital FM Wireless Intercom system. It can be a little inconvenient if you constantly have to hold the talk button every time you have something to say so the fact that they’ve included this button really does make it a better intercom system. It’s too bad that they don’t have a voice activation option which would allow for two-way communication without having to touch the buttons on the unit, but it’s not surprising that such a feature is missing from a basic unit like this.

No Installation Required: One thing that a lot of people will find attractive about the Home Intercom Digital FM Wireless Intercom system is that there’s no complicated set up procedure. You simply plug it in, plug in the other units in the system, pick an FM channel and you’re good to go. The only thing that might make setting this system up somewhat difficult is if you decide you want to wall mount one or more of the units, but that’s really not that difficult either as it simply involves a couple of screws which the system then sits on top of. There are few things more annoying than buying a new piece of technology for the home only to find out you need a PhD to set it up so the fact that the installation of this product is so simple is definitely a welcome addition.

Station Labels: In order to make it easier to communicate between two specific stations the Home Intercom Digital FM Wireless Intercom system allows you to designate station labels for each separate unit. This is quite handy for a system that includes three units as you might not always want to communicate with everyone at the same time. Setting up these identification labels is quite easy as all you have to do is press and hold the channel button until it beeps to assign each unit a specific label. Full credit to the manufacturer for this is as it’s just another aspect of their design that’s simple and straightforward.


500 Foot Range: There are wireless intercom systems with a greater range than this Home Intercom Digital FM Wireless Intercom system, but it’s a 500 foot capability is more than adequate for just about any home set up. If you’re looking to use this system outside in the pool change room you might have a bit of a problem, but as long as you’re using it within the home it’s doubtful you’ll run into any issues with the range. Best of all the signal holds up pretty well anywhere within that 500 foot range as long as you don’t run into any interference.

Crystal Clear Sound: There’s very little to complain about when it comes to the quality of the sound emanating from the speakers of this intercom system. In most cases what you get is crystal-clear sound on the other end when you’re listening to someone speaking – once again, that is unless there’s some FM interference so it’s best to try and avoid using anything else with an FM signal at the same time. Besides, if you’re listening to your favorite radio channel at the same time you’re using the intercom system you might have trouble hearing what the person on the other end is saying.

Auto Return to Designated Channels: This system comes equipped with six different channels to choose from and once you’ve designated a channel you can set it to auto return to that designated channel with a simple push of a button. If you have big hands like me you may find from time to time you accidentally switch channels so this feature is a nice backup to have to make sure you’re always on the right channel to communicate with other people that are connected to the system.

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Overall what impressed me about this system was the simplicity of its design and the ever present desire of the manufacturer to provide you with quick and easy solutions to any problems that may arise. If you’d like to take a closer look at this system you may want to check out the video below.

A quick look at what’s in the package – Watch Video

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