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Doorbird Video Doorbell D202 Review

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The best doorbell for security and performance.

  • Connector.

    The Good Stuff

    Excellent security. Option for Power over Ethernet. Very durable. Requires lower upstream bandwith.

  • Connector.

    The Not So Good Stuff

    Extremely Bulky. More Expensive Than Its Competitors.

Price: $$$

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The first thing that struck me with the Doorbird Video Doorbell D202 was the hefty price tag. This particular model is nearly double the price of its closest competitor, but it does offer a few features and some performance advantages which start making up for the price tag. It does have built-in motion sensor technology as well as a standard night vision integration, but I still don’t think that’s enough to justify this price tag. The Ring Video Doorbell offers a lot of the same features and at less than half the price. There’s also no mistaking the fact that this is some kind of security contraption, because it looks nothing like a simple doorbell. It’s extremely bulky and it’s bound to attract the attention of any visitor. This would be perhaps more at home in an apartment block or an office space than in your average suburban home.

The video quality of this video doorbell camera is pretty good at 720 P HD video, but there are others on the market that offer the 1080 P standard so this was a little disappointing as well for such an expensive item. For those who want that extra level of security, Doorbird Video Doorbell provides with its option to connect to the internet via it’s wiring, PoE always beats Wifi when it comes to securing your network.

It currently relies on the older 2.4 GHz standard and not the newer 5 GHz that’s becoming more popular, particularly in cities where there is competition over bandwith. The major standout feature of this particular doorbell video camera is that it features on demand live video so that you can actually see what’s going on at your front doorstep even if nobody’s pushed doorbell – that is something that its competitors don’t offer.


There’s no disputing the fact that the Doorbird Video Doorbell D202 is packed full of features.

  • 720 P HD Video
  • Alerts Sent Directly to Your Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Can Be Synced with Multiple Devices
  • Allows for Cloud Recording of Video
  • On Demand Live Video
  • No Noticeable Lag Time
  • Ultra-Wide-Angle Hemispheric Lens 180°
  • Integrated Infrared Night Vision Technology
  • Records On-Site Video History for up to 14 Days
  • Utilizes 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Connection or PoE
  • Rain and Snow Protection Class A1
  • Temperature resistant from -4oF to 140 oF (-20oC to 40oC)
  • High-Quality Polycarbonate Housing
  • Wired Doorbell – Connects to Existing Door Chime
  • Made in Germany
  • Requires 0.500 mbit/s Upstream Bandwith
  • Worldwide Power Supply (110-240V)
  • Certified high security data center and bank-level grade encryption.

Option for PoE:


Bulky Appearance: The biggest disappointment was the Doorbird Video Doorbell’s bulky appearance. If it was as unobtrusive as the Ring Video Doorbell or the August Doorbell Camera I might be inclined to forgive its price tag, but you can pretty much see this thing coming a mile away. Not only is the Doorbird Video Doorbell’s price more than double its competitors, but its size as well!

Highly Weather Resistant: If you’re not overly concerned with appearances then you’ll be pleased to know that this video doorbell camera does have a lot to offer. For one thing it’s completely water resistant and can resist the elements if it’s raining outside or even if there is a heavy pounding snow hitting your front door so it’s great for all climates. That is more than some of its competitors can say and so if you live in an extreme climate you might be willing to put up with its bulky appearance knowing that it’s going to do the job no matter what.

All-in-One Design: The other great thing about the Doorbird Video Doorbell is that it’s got what I would call an all-in-one design. It combines a video camera with infrared technology, built-in motion sensors, two-way audio, and it has live on demand audio which its competitors don’t offer at this point in time. I would say if they could shrink its size a little bit, and make this video doorbell a little less obtrusive, without giving up any of the features it comes with, I’d be more inclined to endorse it.


Instant Notification: The Doorbird Video Doorbell camera has a very quick reaction time between the point when a visitor to your home pushes the doorbell and the signal to your smart phone or tablet – it’s almost instantaneous. As long as you’re paying attention to your phone you’ll know the minute someone pushes that doorbell and don’t forget if you’re expecting someone you can always use the live on demand video feature to take a peek and see if anyone is coming down the driveway. If you’re at work and you’re a little bored you can always use this feature to check out what’s happening on your front doorstep as well, although if you have to resort to tactics like that to keep you occupied might I suggest a new occupation?

Has To Be Hardwired: The Doorbird Video Doorbell D202 might be pretty straightforward to use once you have it up and running, but the problem is getting it running in the first place. You have to hardwire this particular item which means drilling a couple of holes through your wall and running wires so if you’re not comfortable with that kind of extra effort you may have to call in a professional electrician. It’s not that it takes an extremely long time it’s just that it’s a little more complicated than other devices in this class to hook up.

The App Is User-Friendly: On the upside the companion app that you use to interact with the Doorbird Video Doorbell is very user friendly. You can use a one tap gesture to initiate audio conversations with the person standing at your front door and you can control the use of infrared light if you feel it’s necessary as well to get a better look at the person standing in front of you. It also allows you to quickly set up cloud based recording of anyone visiting your front doorstep as well. There really is a great deal of control here and that’s definitely a good thing.


Transmission Kings: You will note below that we give good ratings to the audio and video quality. This is driven predominantly a technology they call Smart Transmission Mode (STM), which was developed by Doorbird, allowing them to work via Wifi, 3G and 4G mobile networks. These kind of developments make us excited to see what else Doorbird comes up with.

Clear Video: The video quality through your smart phone is extremely good and when you use that in combination with the infrared technology it doesn’t matter what time of day it is you can always see your visitors quite clearly. It uses HD quality 720 P video and while that may not be the best available on the market it’s still pretty good.

Fine Audio Quality: The built-in speakers in this Doorbird unit work quite well providing crystal clear sound for your visitors and you get the same quality of sound from your smart phone on the other end as well. It can’t help you with any language barriers, but as long as you and your visitor both speak the same language you shouldn’t have a problem hearing what each other are saying.

180° Field of Vision: Unfortunately, visitors to your front door may not always cooperate and stand right in front of the camera, but even if you can’t see them as clearly as you’d like the motion sensors will still capture their movements. If necessary you can set off an alarm if you don’t think they’re a legitimate visitor even if they don’t ring the doorbell – that’s the great advantage of live on demand video. You can still take a look to see what’s going on even when they don’t ring that doorbell.

Some Other Sources

If you’d like to see a quick demo of the Doorbird Video Doorbell in action take a look at the links below.

A Brief Introduction – Watch Video

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Additional Products/Accessories:


Interior Monitoring & Alarm

allows you to see what visitors are doing once you’ve allowed them entry into your home to give you that extra piece of mind and it will also allow you to set off a siren if you think they’re up to no good.

August Smart Lock

Smart Lock

Open the door for you visitors with Doorbird Connect


Smart Lock

Open the door for you visitors with Doorbird Connect


Smart Lock

Open the door for you visitors with Doorbird Connect


Smart Lock

Open the door for you visitors with Doorbird Connect


Smart Lock

Open the door for you visitors with Doorbird Connect


Smart Home Hub

Control your doorbird via your central smart hub


Smart Home Hub

Control your Doorbird via your central smart hub


Car Interface

Control your Doorbird from your car’s central display


Complete Security System Interface

View camera like normal security camera, unlock doors, gates and garages

Lift Master Chamberlain

Doorbird is connected to the myQ

App, which means you can open your garage door for visitors

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