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Doorbells for Deaf, Making Life Easier

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Dramatic improvements in audio technology and connection to the internet have allowed the development of doorbells for deaf and hearing impaired people.

There are things that we often take for granted, like hearing the doorbell when someone is outside of our door. It’s something many of us don’t even think about unless it’s someone we dread talking to, and we need to find a place to hide. But for people dealing with partial or complete hearing loss, the doorbells we have known for years, often aren’t a functional solution.

Many people dealing with deafness or hearing loss rely on other people or even service animals to alert them to someone ringing the doorbell or knocking on the door. And while that works for many deaf people, it isn’t the most secure way to know who is at your door.

How Doorbells for Deaf People are getting Smarter

The smart doorbell market is growing fast, and one of the best things to come out of that market is new doorbell systems that are designed to assist people who are deaf and hard of hearing. There are several options available for the hearing impaired, so understanding the different types of doorbells on the market can help you make the best decision for you and your family.

1. Smartphone Integration

One way that a doorbell for deaf and hearing impaired can make life easier is by connecting to a smartphone app; this can be very effective way to help a hearing impaired person know when someone is at the door. An application on the smartphone can alert someone by vibrating or blinking to alert them that someone is at the door.

2. Camera Doorbells

Camera doorbells can add a layer of security to someone who is living alone with a hearing impairment. These are managed via smartphone and provide a visual notification when someone is at the door. You can also set your phone to vibrate when you get a notification to make sure you don’t miss the person.

There are several different smart doorbells that have camera and video options. These camera doorbells can allow someone with hearing loss to see who is at the door. Which provides a level of security that can make them feel more secure in their home, which is important when the person is hearing impaired.

An additional way to add more security is by added a motion sensor or video component. Someone who wants to break in usually won’t ring the bell. But by activating a motion sensor or video on demand monitoring system, the person will receive an alert when someone is outside of their home.

3. Audio Frequency Doorbells

Another option that can help someone dealing with hearing loss or impairment are doorbells that emit sound on a unique frequency that can help a deaf person hear when someone is ringing the doorbell. Several products, like the Jacob Jensen Wireless doorbell, already have the frequency option already built in as a part of the system. While this is not designed specifically as a doorbell for deaf people, it provides them an alternative to some of the higher priced doorbells.

Smart Doorbells for Deaf & Hearing Impaired

These doorbells for deaf and hearing impaired person can allow more independence in their home, but knowing which one is the best one for their needs can present a challenge. These reviews can help you know what is out there and what features they offer.

Honeywell P4-Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button

doorbells for deaf
This doorbell offers both chimes that have an adjustable volume control and three visual alert notifications. It can work with up to three transmitters which include bell transmitters, motion detectors, or door contact.

The flashing light notification can alert someone with hearing loss that someone is at their door, and the ability to connect it to a motion detector provides an additional level of security. The wireless doorbell works on C batteries for both chimes and visual notifications.

Check out our full Honeywell P4-Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime review and prices in Amazon here.

Jacob Jensen Wireless

doorbells for deaf
While the appearance of this smart doorbell is one of it’s selling points, it also comes with a chime that emits a low-frequency tone that is created specifically for the hearing impaired. Additionally, there is a light indicator that will indicate when someone rings the doorbell or when the battery is low.

Like the other wireless options, it runs on battery power. But unlike most this unit comes with a set of extended life batteries so you shouldn’t have to change or recharge them for a while.

Check out our full Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell review and prices in Amazon here.

Bellman Care Alert System

This is a more than just a doorbell it is designed for people with profound hearing loss when someone presses the doorbell it sends a wireless signal to a flash receiver that alerts you that someone it at the door. It also has the capability to connect to a landline phone which allows the flash receiver to alert that someone is calling.

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NuTone Wireless Plug-in Door Chime

This may not be the fanciest wireless doorbell on the market, but it does have a built-in strobe light that is designed for the hearing impaired. It is a relatively simple design that is not as sleek and modern as some of the other doorbells on the market. But it if you are looking for a low-cost option that can provide opportunities for someone dealing with hearing loss, this could be a viable solution.

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Ring Video Doorbell

doorbells for deaf
The Ring Video Doorbell comes with both a wireless and wired option. The Pro wired option will require an existing hardwired doorbell to be in place for you to install it. You can also get a wireless option that is easier to install. Both options connect to WiFi; the difference is that the Pro wired version has higher video quality and additional features like the ability to create custom motion detection zones and adds interchangeable face plates.

The Pro version is hardwired, so its power comes from the power in your home, where the wireless version relies on battery power. The Pro option also has a sleeker look. Both options allow for two-way audio, and night vision, and use the same app for both iS and Andriod.   While this is not specifically designed as a doorbell for deaf people, it provides them the ability to have a visual of the person at the door and choose to open or not open the door depending on who is there.

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Serene Innovations Door Knock Sensor

Not everyone will push the doorbell, so adding a door sensor can alert a hearing-impaired person that someone is knocking on the door. This door sensor hangs on the inside of the door making it undetectable from the outside. When someone knocks on the door, the sensor will detect the vibration and send a signal to a receiver to alert the person that someone has knocked on the door.

For those living with hearing impairments, like most of us, the security of their homes and families is an ongoing concern. When you cannot hear the doorbell, or know when someone is knocking at the door, it can make it hard to keep you and your family.

But new smart technologies are lessening that burden by providing solutions that make it easy for someone dealing with hearing loss to know more than just who is at the door. New smartphone apps that connect to video doorbells can show you who is it at the door even when you are away. Visual indicators and lights that connect to sensors can also alert you that there is a knock on the door when you are home as well.

Living with a hearing impairment can present a challenge when it comes to security, that is why it is important to put new technologies in place to make sure that you always know when, and even who is at your door at any time.

Today’s new doorbells are designed to meet the needs of the deaf and those dealing with hearing loss. With simple solutions like a tone that emits at a lower frequency or a sensor that lets you know by a flashing light when someone is knocking on the door. And more robust solutions like video and camera doorbells that connect to smartphone apps which allow you to see who is at your door even when you aren’t home, you never have to miss a package or a visiting neighbor again.

Adding new technologies, such as doorbells for deaf people, can make improve the quality of life for someone with a hearing impairment by providing a sense of safety and independence.

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