Best Smart Light Bulbs Review

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One of my biggest pet peeves is having to wander around the house turning off lights when nobody’s in the room. Apparently there’s an imaginary monster that lives in our home that goes by the name of George and this is all on him. He just loves to leave lights on wherever he goes! At least that’s what the 7 …

Best Key Finder Reviews and Buying Guide

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You might be surprised that the key finder product category is a pretty competitive marketplace. There are plenty of bad choices out there that are pretty much just a waste of money, but there are some good ones. We’ve taken an exhaustive look at many of these products and come up with 5 that we believe offer the most value …

best network firewall

Best Home Network Firewall Review

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Choosing the best home network firewall for you and your home can be a confusing task particularly due to the amount of cheaply made and security flawed products that have flooded the market. Everyone that owns a computer is concerned about the security of their devices and their network – at least they should be. There are many different solutions …

smartthings review

Samsung SmartThings Review – 2nd Generation

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With multiple smart home devices in the market-dominating Internet of Things (IOT), the SmartThings Hub is a leader when it comes to connecting smart home devices. With smart home automation devices coming with set apps, the SmartThings hub acts as a command center for all of the connections to smart thermostats, door sensors, smart plugs and security cameras. With a …

Wink Review

Wink Review – 2nd Generation

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Wink launched in 2014 as a central hardware hub/controller supporting multiple standards for smart home devices. It now has more than 1.3 million devices in its network, and they are poised to add more in 2017. Wink 2nd Generation became available October 2016 with a sleeker design, bigger processor and storage in addition to pre-installed automations to make reaction speed …

Amazon Echo Review

Amazon Echo Review – 2nd Generation

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Alexa, at its heart is a smart Bluetooth speaker ready to associate with pretty much anything. Be that as it may, its genuine force lies in its brains. Alexa with it’s always listening far-field microphones, can play music and radio, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, order a pizza from Domino’s, request a ride from Uber, add items to your …

best dash cam

Best Dash Cam Review 2017

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In a perfect world we would never have to worry about the honesty of perfect strangers – everyone would tell the truth all the time. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world and trusting in the honesty of everyone you meet can easily land you in hot water. If you’ve ever been in a car accident you may have …

best wireless intercoms

Best Wireless Intercoms Reviews 2017

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If I was forced to pick one main advantage of having an intercom system, it wouldn’t be difficult to do. Intercom systems may serve a range of functions, but there’s one overarching thing they do above all else – allow you to instantly communicate with family members, or coworkers, anywhere in a building or home. It doesn’t matter whether an …

best smart toothbrush

Best Smart Toothbrush Review 2017

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On this site we’re always looking for innovative smart technology that has the potential to change our lives. Some people may be afraid of the changes that technology brings, but we prefer to embrace it. These are exciting times and we believe that every new piece of smart technology introduced to the home makes our lives that much better. You …