Is Technology Dumbing Down our Kids?

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We all want to raise smart kids, but could technology and smart devices help to make your kids smarter than they already are? While there are arguments both for and against introducing technology to children at a young age, we should first understand how letting your kids use smart devices impacts their intellectual development. While we may reminisce about the …

rasperry pi

Smart Home with Rasperry Pi – Rationalizing Raspberry

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Raspberry Pi is a micro PC with a size of a credit card. This single-board computer has nourished the thoughts / imagination of the public, bringing with it a boom in inventive approaches to computing. Embedded systems and technologies in today’s date plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. The electronics have evolved from manual to semi-automatic and now to …

iot Applications

IoT Applications across Industries

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The past few years the IoT applications sector has been growing and growing quickly. For those of you who were too immersed in your smartphone to notice, the Internet of Things has become its own thing. If you don’t know, the IoT is a collection of devices that connect to the web, allowing them to be controlled and interact with …

Smart Home Innovations: Everything Around You is Getting Smarter

Smart Home Innovations: Everything is Getting Smarter

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IoT refers to anything and everything that has been embedded with electronics, sensors, software or WiFi connectivity so that it can be your car, your phone, your laptop and even you! Yep, if you have an electronic device embedded somewhere in you, welcome to the IoT. And while the IoT may be a new concept, it’s growing larger every day. …

CES 2016 Reboot: Best & Worst Products

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With over 3,600 tech vendors in attendance this past January, CES 2016 had its fair share of winners and losers. So we thought we would revisit some of the ones that blew our minds with their awesomeness and a few of the things that left us scratching our heads. There were a lot of highs this year, but in the …

Minority Report Technology

Minority Report Technology has Become Real

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The techno control devices that were once a part of a Steven Spielberg action film about how technology could be used to install order and keep the population under control are no longer a fantasy. Although the movie was released over 14 years ago, predicting a world in 2054, some of the Minority Report technology can be obtained today. From …