Protect your info with e-signatures: SIGNABLE

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Today, e-signatures are used everyday except you don’t realise you’re using them, and they’re achieved through lots of different ways. These range from entering your PIN number to clicking “OK” in an app. Even emails have been used as legally binding agreements. Which is why if you’re a business that relies on sending documents for signing in any capacity, electronic …

Smart Home Device Privacy

Smart Device Privacy: The Elephant in the Room

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A smart device in itself is one of those ultra-connected environment of capabilities and services, which enables interaction between physical objects and their virtual representations based on existing technologies such as sensors, controllers or low powered wireless along with services available from the wider internet. This ultra-connectivity is why smart device privacy has become such a concern among the modern …

doorbells for deaf

Doorbells for Deaf, Making Life Easier

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Dramatic improvements in audio technology and connection to the internet have allowed the development of doorbells for deaf and hearing impaired people. There are things that we often take for granted, like hearing the doorbell when someone is outside of our door. It’s something many of us don’t even think about unless it’s someone we dread talking to, and we …

Smart Homes for Veterans are Changing Lives

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Regardless of the country you reside in, or the political affiliation you ascribe to, most of us can agree that the brave people who dedicate their lives to keep us safe deserve the highest level of care available when they return. While advances in medical treatment have allowed soldiers to survive traumatic battlefield injuries that previously resulted in a loss …