Protect your info with e-signatures: SIGNABLE

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Today, e-signatures are used everyday except you don’t realise you’re using them, and they’re achieved through lots of different ways. These range from entering your PIN number to clicking “OK” in an app. Even emails have been used as legally binding agreements. Which is why if you’re a business that relies on sending documents for signing in any capacity, electronic …

Hotel Rooms of the Future

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Over the past few years smart devices have started to become more and more common, arguably it all started out with smart phones, specifically iPhones. Going from a ‘dumb’ device that would just perform a single function, to one that performs many and does so intuitively. Arguably the latest smart trend is smart homes. Smart homes contain devices that are …

How to Add Value to Your Home

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There are a few reasons why you might want to add value to your home, the most common reason being that you’re ready to sell up and want to maximize the return on investment of your current property, this principle of adding value to something before you sell it on is as old as business itself, but knowing how to …

Senior Living

How to Buy a New House as a Senior

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Photo Credit: Pavlofox, Pixabay The decision to buy a new home as a senior can be based on a variety of factors. You may wish to downsize. Maybe you’ve weighed the costs for maintenance and utilities in your mortgage-free home against a new home that is free of additional costs, and it just makes sense. No matter your reason, you …

Is Technology Dumbing Down our Kids?

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We all want to raise smart kids, but could technology and smart devices help to make your kids smarter than they already are? While there are arguments both for and against introducing technology to children at a young age, we should first understand how letting your kids use smart devices impacts their intellectual development. While we may reminisce about the …

Smart Home Device Privacy

Smart Device Privacy: The Elephant in the Room

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A smart device in itself is one of those ultra-connected environment of capabilities and services, which enables interaction between physical objects and their virtual representations based on existing technologies such as sensors, controllers or low powered wireless along with services available from the wider internet. This ultra-connectivity is why smart device privacy has become such a concern among the modern …

rasperry pi

Smart Home with Rasperry Pi – Rationalizing Raspberry

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Raspberry Pi is a micro PC with a size of a credit card. This single-board computer has nourished the thoughts / imagination of the public, bringing with it a boom in inventive approaches to computing. Embedded systems and technologies in today’s date plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. The electronics have evolved from manual to semi-automatic and now to …