Doorbird Video Doorbell

Doorbird Video Doorbell D202 Review

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Excellent security. Option for Power over Ethernet. Very durable. Requires lower upstream bandwith. Extremely Bulky. More Expensive Than Its Competitors. The first thing that struck me with the Doorbird Video Doorbell D202 was the hefty price tag. This particular model is nearly double the price of its closest competitor, but it does offer a few features and some performance advantages …

Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell Review

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Full Features. Great Designs. Easy Set Up. Excellent Audio. Notification Lag Time Issues. Average Video Quality. The Ring Video Doorbell is a massive improvement from the previous version Doorbot. It’s sleek, non-intrusive “I am just a normal doorbell” design makes it a favorite for those smart home aficionados who like to be Tony Stark but not display his arrogant showiness. …