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Best Wireless Doorbell Review 2017

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You have most likely decided at this stage that you would prefer a wireless doorbell over a wired doorbell (and for those who still aren’t sure, I recommend that you read our in-depth article analyzing them the positives and benefits of the two devices, wired doorbells vs wireless doorbells. Choosing the best wireless doorbell system for you and your home is a simpler process than choosing the best doorbell camera because you have already eliminated the majority of products that make up the doorbell market. Wireless doorbell systems (along with all wireless devices for the smart home) are a relatively new addition to the market, driven predominantly by significant improvements in battery performance and also optimization of power usage within the wireless doorbell itself. Each device comes as part of a wireless doorbell kit which helps to ensure a stress-free installation. We will see wireless devices such as wireless doorbells become more and more popular as battery technology improves.

As always when you are researching a new smart device, it is extremely important to do the research on the products to ensure that not only your needs are properly met. Even the best wireless doorbells have their limitations, mostly due to the amount of power it has access to run more advanced features. Consequently there is a trade-off in features. In this article we highlight which features are essential and which features you should forget about in order to optimize your device.  We have compiled best wireless doorbells available in the market to assist you in making the right choice for your home, however if you are looking for more powerful doorbells which are packed with additional features, check out our review best doorbell cameras.

It is clear the appeal of wireless doorbells, they are extremely flexible in terms of installation and placement and have countless of extra useful features that the traditional wired doorbell has.

The key advantages of Wireless Doorbells:

  • Easy Installation: The most significant and noticeable advantage of wireless doorbells (over their wired doorbell cousin, is the ease of installation.
    • Mountable to any surface: The best wireless doorbells can be attached to any surface including brick, wood, concrete and stucco. All the best wireless doorbells come with all the installation components tools to mount the device on these services. Make sure you use the right type of screws for each type of surface to ensure that you don’t damage the device or the mounting surface. Additionally if you wish to mount the device on a surface that can’t be drilled into, such as glass or aluminum, you can purchase separately two sided foam compression tape with minimum hold of two pounds (or one kilogram).
    • No messy wiring: Due to wireless doorbells not using a direct power source connected to the house (utilizing batteries instead), there is no need to attach the wires in the correct order to the device. There is no need to turn off the power box at your house to ensure you are not shocked, and if you are not very handy, you probably don’t need to pay for an electrician or handyman to install the device. All the best wireless doorbells include a detailed explanation on installation process, the key important processes are the connection to Wifi (or Bluetooth) and the connection the surface of the wall.
    • Connection to Wifi: Your first step is to connect it the internet via your Wifi (if your device connects via Bluetooth please skip these instructions. These instructions are generic instructions, but can differ slightly according to which device you choose.
      1. Download the application to your smart phone / tablet or PC: All the new smart doorbells include an application that will not only guide you through the installation process, but also allow you to control all the features of your wireless doorbell. All the best wireless doorbells have applications for android or iOS and a few have an additional option which works with Windows.
      2. Follow application instructions and click button on back of device: Follow the instructions. At some point you will be asked to click a button on the device so that it synchs with your smartphone and Wifi network, you will also need to enter your Wifi password, so keep it close by.
    • Connection to Surface: The device comes as part of a wireless doorbell kit typically come with all the equipment necessary to mount the device on the desired surface including a mounting bracket, screws, screwdriver, drill bit and level. Make sure the surface you secure it to has good visibility for anyone visiting your home (i.e. is positioned in front of an area where visitors will clearly see it, and the camera can clearly see them). If the wireless doorbell has a camera, make sure to position it so that your homes external lights do not shine directly into the camera.
      1. Position Mounting Bracket: You should first position the mounting bracket where you want to place the wireless doorbell. Use a pencil to stencil in the drill holes. Use the level to make sure it is aligned perfectly.
      2. Drill the holes and screw on mounting bracket: Using the stencil, and choosing the right drill bit for the type of surface you are drilling into, drill the holes and place the anchors inside them. Place the mounting bracket back on the wall and secure it with the provided screws.
      3. Place device in bracket and secure it: Place the device in the bracket and then secure it with special anti-theft screws.

Can be placed anywhere: One of the most important advantages of the wireless doorbell is that it doesn’t have to be placed at your front door (where your existing doorbell wiring is). You could place it beside your garage door, your apartment door and even your back door.

How to choose the best wireless doorbell for your home:

Different wireless doorbells brands have had prioritized different features due to the limited power available. As a result, every wireless doorbells will not only have their strong and weak points, but also so it is less a question of what is the best doorbell camera, and more of a question of what device best meets your needs. Below is as basic checklist for doorbell cameras which include the essential features and also the additional features:

  1. Includes the Essential Features: The best wireless doorbells should include the following core features in order to be satisfy the basic requirements.
    • WiFi Enabled (Or Bluetooth): You will need this connection in order for your wireless doorbell system to communicate with you directly via your smartphone, tablet or in some cases PC.
    • Wireless doorbell camera: The doorbell camera needs to have high definition or it loses a lot of its security benefits, however as it is a wireless doorbell camera we will need to sacrifice the latest technology for doorbell cameras (1080p) and settle with more than adequate 780p definition.
    • Two way audio: The most important part of any smart doorbell, the ability to communicate directly with your visitors.
    • Smart Phone Application: You will need to able to respond to notifications from the doorbell camera. All of the best doorbell cameras utilize iOS and Android, some devices have the additional capability with working with Windows which could be useful whilst working on your PC at the office.

Optional Additional Features:

These features are not necessary to have a great wireless doorbell, but they definitely can make your life easier, and if they are within your budget you should definitely consider these extra product offerings.

  • Night Vision: We would usually allocate night vision as an essential feature, however to ensure better functionality we have moved it to an optional feature with the strong suggestion that you purchase a separate light with a motion sensor close to your camera.
  • Motion Sensor: These are more useful for the higher powered wired doorbells. Some cameras will only turn on when the doorbell is rung so as to lower battery usage, but you will lose a lot of the security advantages.
  • On Demand Monitoring: On demand wiring is great addition to any wireless doorbell system, allowing the user to check in via the wireless doorbell camera.
  • Integrations with other products: To really take advantage of all that smart homes offer, your smart device should be able to integrate with multiple platforms (smart home automation hubs) or other devices such as smart locks.
  1. Check how secure your device is! Purchasing from reputable companies is essential when buying smart devices and in particular smart doorbells. Due to being mounted outside the house, they offer a direct connection with your internal internet connection either via Wifi, Bluetooth or PoE. A lot of the major brands have ensured the proper security protocols are met, and are constantly updating their software to protect against new exploits. Purchasing from an unrecognized brand can leave you open to online attacks.
  1. What is your biggest issue you want solved?
    1. Security Issues: Perhaps your local area has issues with burglaries. We suggest a doorbell with camera, motion sensors and night vision. There are some wireless doorbells with all this functionality, although we would suggest you look closer at the wired doorbells options that we have written in the article best doorbell camera review.
    2. Receiving deliveries: Perhaps you have to travel a lot or spend long days in the office, and want the convenience of receiving packages in your home. You will need a fast internet connection to a wireless doorbell with little video lag time. Also check on any smart locks which have integrations with your door so that you can allow deliveries to be placed just inside the door or in your garage.
    3. Friends and Family Visitors: Do you have lots of friends and family constantly visiting you? Let them into your home to wait for you with an integration with a smart lock. Make sure your wireless doorbell has excellent audio so you can talk to them clearly.

Best Wireless Doorbell Review

To gain more detailed information on the advantages and an in-depth review of each wireless doorbell click on the links below.

Feature Ring Video Doorbell Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell Honeywell Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime Avantek DT22 Wireless Doorbell
Internet Connection Wifi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 Ghz
Night Vision
Camera Definition 720p
Smart Phone Application iOS / Android / Windows 10
On Demand Monitoring
Motion Sensor
Integrations with other apps
Range [smartphone reciever] 450 ft (150m) 250ft (80m) 1000 ft (300m)
Features 8 5 8 7
Design 10 7 7 8
Usability 8 8 8 8
Performance 7 8 8 7
Scores SCORE 8.5 SCORE 7.0 SCORE 8.0 score-7-5
Prices $$ $$ $ $
CLICK Here for best price CLICK Here for best price CLICK Here for best price CLICK Here for best price
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