Avantek DT22 Wireless Doorbell Review

Avantek DT42 Wireless Doorbell Review

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Great Range. Wide Selection of Chimes.

  • Connector.

    The Good Stuff

    52 Ring Chimes. Two Receivers. 300 Meter Range.

  • Connector.

    The Not So Good Stuff

    No Color Choices. Pushbutton Is Not Waterproof. Resets When Unplugged.

Price: $$

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The Avantek DT42 wireless doorbell is more than just your average doorbell. Personally, I find standard home doorbells just a little bit boring and if you’ve never thought about replacing your existing doorbell you might want to reconsider. This doorbell has a sleek black look that will definitely modernize the look of your home and give it that space-age feel. I particularly like the flashing blue LED that illuminates the button when anybody pushes it. Best of all this is probably the easiest doorbell system you’ll ever install. You have two receivers for inside the home and a pushbutton that you can simply attach to your front door with adhesive tape that comes with the system – it doesn’t get much easier than that.

If you’re not impressed by bells and whistles (pun intended) then this particular doorbell may not impress you. After all, it is just a doorbell that doesn’t do anything more than your traditional doorbell when it comes down to it. It does have an impressive range which may or may not give you some advantages depending on your use of the doorbell, and unlike traditional barbells you’re not stuck with the one ring tone that comes with your bell. It really comes down to a matter of individual choice and only you can decide if the extra bells and whistles are something you’re interested in.


Avantek DT42 Wireless Doorbell does include some nice features that you won’t find with traditional doorbells.

  • Easy Install Pushbutton
  • 2 Chime Receivers
  • 1000 Foot Range
  • Convenient Volume Adjust Button
  • Music Selector Button
  • Each Receiver Can Use a Different Ring Chime
  • Includes 36 Different Ring Chimes
  • One of the Receivers Is Battery-Operated to Take Anywhere
  • Compact Design
  • Sleek Black Look with Blue LED
  • Includes Installation Kit: 2 Screws, 1 Double-Sided Adhesive Tape, Instruction Manual
Avantek DT42 Wireless Doorbell Review


Modern Colors and Design: Perhaps, the thing I liked most about the Avantek DT42 Wireless Doorbell was its overall look and design. It’s very modern looking with its black box that sort of reminds me of an Apple TV box. With its central blue LED light it looks like something that would fit right in on the home of the Jetsons. If I have one criticism of the design it’s that it only comes in black – it would be nice if they offered different colors as we don’t all have the same décor or tastes.

Portable Receivers: With your typical standard doorbell design there’s a pushbutton placed on the front of your door outside and a receiver with a built-in speaker attached to your wall somewhere – you don’t have the option of moving the unit around. That’s one of the main features of the Avantek DT42 Wireless Doorbell – you can pick it up and take it with you anywhere. There is one receiver that plugs into the wall, which you’ll probably want to place in a central location and leave it there, but there’s also a secondary receiver which operates on batteries that is perfect for taking outside with you in the backyard when you’re hosting a party. You can join in the fun with your guests and not miss any new guests arriving at the front door.

Easy Access Buttons: The pushbutton that goes on the outside of your home has one large central button which stands out clearly so your guests won’t miss it. The volume and chime control buttons are also easily accessible on the receivers, although they are nicely hidden from view when they’re not being used. This subtle integration of buttons into the design contributes to the overall modern look of the Avantek DT42 Wireless Doorbell. Best of all the blue LED Indicator is easily noticeable even in a dark room so if for some reason you like to sit in the dark you’ll still see the doorbell even if you don’t hear it.

Avantek DT42 Wireless Doorbell Review


Simple One Touch Design: The problem with modern technology sometimes is that manufacturers try to reinvent the wheel and make things more complicated than they need to be. While I’m all for the latest in tech and gadgets when it comes to a doorbell I’m kinda just looking for one thing – a doorbell. Avantek has done a nice job of keeping things fairly simple here. As is the case with any traditional doorbell your visitors simply push the button which activates the chime in your home to notify you that someone’s at the door.

Effortless Setup: I’m going to let you in on a little secret here. This is a wireless doorbell and if you haven’t guessed by now that means there are no wires! You don’t have to go through any kind of complicated connection process to get this doorbell working. You simply attach the adhesive tape to your pushbutton, remove the backing from it, and stick it on your door frame. After that all you have to do is plug in the main receiver and put batteries in the secondary receiver and you’re ready to go.

Automatic Sync: With some of the more advanced high-tech doorbell systems available on the market these days you have to go through a fairly complicated set up process – no such worries here. You don’t have to sync your receivers with your pushbutton as they come automatically synced to work right out of the box. It really is just a matter of putting batteries in the one receiver, plugging the other one in, and testing it out. You’ll have this doorbell fully functional in about 30 seconds.


Strong Clear Audio: After hearing the Avantek DT42 Wireless Doorbell in action I was extremely impressed with the level and clarity of its audio. As we’ve already indicated earlier in this article it does include 36 different chimes and every single one of them is just as clear as the other. There are chimes that are appropriate for any time of the year including some of your Christmas favorites and you won’t have any trouble recognizing all of your favorite classics. Overall I have no complaints about the sound at all.

Occasionally Random Sounds: One aspect of the performance of the Avantek DT42 Wireless Doorbell that was disappointing is that it is known to sound off randomly from time to time even when no one has pushed the doorbell. This might be a product of interference from other electronic products, but whatever the cause is it’s certainly annoying – especially if it wakes you up in the middle of the night!

Resets When Unplugged: You might say were saving the worst for last, but this review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning another one of this doorbell’s major flaws. While there are 36 different chimes to choose from, the second you unplug your main receiver from the wall the chime will be reset to the default one that the unit came with. Unfortunately, when you want to try and find that new doorbell chime you’ll have to patiently scroll through the available chimes to get to the one you want. There’s no way of skipping ahead to a particular chime so you simply have to work your way through the list. Needless to say, this is a more than a little annoying.

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This Avantek DT42 Wireless Doorbell isn’t meant to be used with any other products in particular as it’s a self-contained unit – if you’re looking for something that integrates with a security system you’ll have to purchase that separately.

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