About the Sage

Hi! My name is Joseph Mack and I am a self-confessed tech nerd and the chief all-seeing sage for smarthomeSAGE.

Some things you may like to know about me…


I want to optimize laziness

I am a naturally lazy person, so I am constantly on the lookout for any kind of device or tool that will make my life a little easier, so I can focus on the things that I enjoy, (such as writing about my ways to optimize laziness on smarthomeSAGE). I would like to share with you all my trials and research so that you can too become as lazy as I am. My dream is to be able to live my whole life from the safety and comfort of my couch.

I love playing with new tech

I love opening the box of a new toy and discovering through trial and error all the features of the device. I am incredibly excited about the new world of “Internet of Things” and particularly how it can improve my home life. There is a bunch of exciting developments all across the world happening right now, so I foresee, like the wise sage that I am, many years of happily opening new boxes. I also foresee a fast dwindling bank balance as a result of this obsession.