Is Technology Dumbing Down our Kids?

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We all want to raise smart kids, but could technology and smart devices help to make your kids smarter than they already are? While there are arguments both for and against introducing technology to children at a young age, we should first understand how letting your kids use smart devices impacts their intellectual development. While we may reminisce about the …

best wireless intercoms

Best Wireless Intercoms Reviews 2017

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If I was forced to pick one main advantage of having an intercom system, it wouldn’t be difficult to do. Intercom systems may serve a range of functions, but there’s one overarching thing they do above all else – allow you to instantly communicate with family members, or coworkers, anywhere in a building or home. It doesn’t matter whether an …

Home Automation Protocols

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best smart toothbrush

Best Smart Toothbrush Review 2017

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On this site we’re always looking for innovative smart technology that has the potential to change our lives. Some people may be afraid of the changes that technology brings, but we prefer to embrace it. These are exciting times and we believe that every new piece of smart technology introduced to the home makes our lives that much better. You …